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W3C Team Contact Support is available in measured and carefully spelled out quantities only for W3C Working and Interest Groups. W3C Community Groups are typically not assigned Team support and for W3C Business Groups, the team uses judgment to provide limited support, e.g. encouraging Chair to Chair engagements between BGs and WGs.

Because of the larger role CGs play, W3C Management offered they hold meetings at TPAC 2016 in Lisbon, and convened in the Spring of 2016 a study of Team support for W3C Community Groups and revised the initial policy that CGs get no Team support.

Comments or questions should be addressed to the W3C Communications Team at

How is Team contact resource assigned to CGs?

W3M may assign team contact resources of an unquantified amount in the following circumstances:

Teleconferencing and Github

Community Group GitHub repos are managed as follows:

Note: We expect W3C Business Group repos to be part of the w3c GitHub organization.

For teleconferences, on approval of a W3C Function Lead (usually Strategy), W3C Community Groups can get Zoom resources from W3C. That Function lead is responsible for tracking and scheduling those resources.

Note: Prior to mid-2022, W3C primarily used WebEx.

Services available by default, and upon request

Please refer to Tools and Infrastructure on the W3C Community & Business Groups website.

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