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Coralie Mercier :: Head of W3C Marketing & Communications

Contact information

I work for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the Web standards consortium, based at MIT in the USA, ERCIM in Europe, Keio in Japan, and Beihang in China; I am based at the French Riviera site. I joined in January 1999 as administrative assistant.

<Office postal address> W3C / ERCIM - 2004, rte des Lucioles - F-06410 Biot Sophia Antipolis - FR
<telephone> see e-mail

What I do at W3C

Since February 2015, I became Head of W3C Marketing & Communications. I maintain a description of what I do.

I am in charge of the Consortium's communication strategy and messaging, Public, Member and internal communications; I manage the Consortium's Website and Comm activities, including press, publications, branding, marketing, and some Member relations.

I joined W3C in January 1999, as W3C Europe administrative assistant, with a degree in secretarial work and English as a foreign language. I became W3C Europe administration manager in 2001 and later joined the W3C Communications Team part-time in 2005, and full-time in 2008. My duties included Advisory Board scribe duties and meetings planning until 2017, W3C press clippings, management of Supporters Program applications, monitoring translators' list, being contact person for authorized translations. I was also involved in community development and outreach (microblogging, W3C blog, some developer community things). I was Incubator Activity Lead and then helped support W3C Community and Business Groups until 2017.

Who I am


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