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BlockchainCG online meeting at 2/June/2016

Recap of ISO20022 presentation from SWIFT

  • PPT link :
  • current scopes of ISO20022 standard are
    • Business / Conceptual Layer defines financial concepts (Top Layer)
    • Logical Layer defines data and behaviour (processing) required to realize a business process
    • Physical layer that is a technical implementation derived from logical layer
  • opportunities with blockchain and ISO20022 are
    • re-use business / conceptual definications
    • define logical and physical layer
    • based on blockchain, data flow or behaviours are different from ISO20022 standard.
    • message format and/or storage is different when considering blockchain
  • Image DLT Logical Layer
    • Data and behaviour (processing) required to realize a business process;
    • The roles played by parties involved in a transaction: who can see what and who can do what;
    • Data definitions re-used from ISO 20022 business/conceptual
    • Behaviour derived from ISO 20022 business process definitions
    • Work will be required to adapt ISO 20022 to the new paradigm
  • Image DLT Physical Layer
    • ISO 20022 data structures represented physically on ledger
    • Data encapsulated according to Object Oriented principles
    • Behaviour implemented as Smart Contracts
    • Access rights enforced through Role Based Access Controls
    • Users authenticated by the platform
  • is important
    • referencing with payment business ( )
    • Message Definication Report ( provide Business/Logical/Physical definication
      • Schema definication is at (for example)
  • standardization approach by referencing ISO20022
    • choose use case
    • describe business / conceptual logic
    • define logical layer (data flow and behaviour) by considering blockchain
    • define message structure and storage
    • storage can be evaluated from various technologies

review UseCases

  • Use Case from Joe :
    • focusing more on Enterprise Systems use case
  • Use Case from Erik :
    • will review more later

notes for blockchain standardization

  • note from Joe :

more participants

  • consider moving concall time to 7am EST (current time is 6am EST / 10pm KST)
    • request comment on mailling list
  • two important milestones
    • blockchain workshop :
    • W3C TPAC 2016 :
  • keep continuing effort even with small active participants.


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