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BlockchainCG online meeting report at 21/Apr/2016

BlockchainCG online meeting at 21/Apr/2016

using Github

  • Wonbeon will share english translated documents through github until next week
  • mail to mailling list

Blockchain with FIDO

  • not yet support from ETRI
  • confirm with Philip Hur or
  • discuss with other company
    • for private authentication
    • trying to PoC project
    • will share through GitHub


  • BOK will introduce swift
  • talked with Swift Korea
  • after internal confirmation, share information
  • PayGate became swift member
    • possibily ask to swift as client

find supporter

F2F meeting at June

  • F2F at 9/Jun/2019
  • pre-registration
  • share agenda
  • location
    • consider participants and size
    • coex?
  • independently
    • same day but handle differently
  • at worldfintechforum
    • Nick Lee will have presentation session for 20 minutes
    • use worldfintechforum event as milestone

alliance with other groups

  • Linux Foundation
  • meeting R3 at NY
  • other activities
    • Blockchain Forum
      • Education or event
      • not productive
      • blockchainOS
    • by application level
      • KISA PKI Group
  • Nick will try to visit UK and NY at July

consider other tools

  • Hangout
    • max 10 persons limit
  • Webex
  • keep gotomeeting temporary


  • mountie have to make more time.

CG activities

  • use more mailling list
    • try using google groups
  • have weekly meeting
    • at 7PM at every Thursday
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