W3C Day, Gijón, Spain, 26 May 2016

Dave Raggett talking about the web of things at the W3C dayMartin Alvarez Espinar is the manager for W3C España. He invited me to give a presentation on the Web of Things at the W3C Day on Wednesday 26th May in Gijón, a city in Asturias, Spain. After some introductions, we listened to a remote presentation by Szymon Lewandowski who presented the efforts of the European Commission on evolving industry towards a Digital Single Market. I followed with an introduction to the Web of Things and a brief account of the W3C Web of Things Interest Group and plans for a Working Group. There were talks about efforts by the Spanish government to promote the adoption of IoT technologies in the Spanish private sector. Panel sessions included Interoperability within the Industry of Things, Digital Enablers on the road towards Industry 4.0, Cybersecurity within IoT, Big data, cloud computing, and data analytics and Roads to Digital Transformation in the Industry 4.0. In the breaks we were able to visit the demonstrator stands. One applied a semantic based approach to monitoring light pollution due to city lights. Another looked at the potential for exploiting virtual reality. Martin has provided a longer account of the W3C day.

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