New public working draft of the W3C Web Authentication Specification

The W3C Web Authentication working group is pleased to announce publication of a new public working draft of the W3C Web Authentication specification. While this W3C Working Draft is similar in most respects to the First Public Working Draft, it contains numerous refinements intended to enhance the readability and clarity of the specification. These resulted from extensive ongoing review of the first public draft. Changes include separating the authenticator model from the defined attestation formats, clarifying the use of extensions, and defining some additional extensions. Thanks to all of you who reviewed the first public draft!

We solicit your continued feedback – especially feedback based on implementations. Reviews received before the working group meeting on Tuesday, September 20th at TPAC would be particularly useful. If you’re not already a member, you can join the public working group mailing list at The working group expects to be issuing more frequent working drafts as we approach a Candidate Recommendation, so keep the great feedback coming!

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