W3C Invites Developers to Lisbon Meetup (19 September)

TPAC 2016 logoW3C is pleased to invite the developer community to attend the W3C Developer Meetup in Lisbon, Portugal, on Monday 19 September 2016. The event is kindly sponsored by Yandex, The Paciello Group and Técnico Lisboa, where the meetup will take place (map).

Confirmed speakers:

  • WICG: How W3C incubates work. Yoav Weiss – Akamai
  • New things in CSS. Greg Whitworth – Microsoft
  • User interactions. Patrick Lauke – The Paciello Group
  • Service Workers / offline apps. Jake Archibald – Google
  • Accessibility. Léonie Watson – The Paciello Group
  • Web Components. Travis Leithead – Microsoft (Em portugês)

Web designers and application developers are encouraged to gather for an evening of discussions and networking with others in the W3C community who are convening next week during W3C’s TPAC 2016. Participation in the meetup is open to anyone at no cost, but space is limited. Please RSVP before Sunday 18 September, or send e-mail to team-2016-lisboa@w3.org and meet us there!