Web MIDI API Draft Published

The Audio Working Group has published a Working Draft of Web MIDI API. This specification defines an API supporting the MIDI protocol, enabling web applications to enumerate and select MIDI input and output devices on the client system and send and receive MIDI messages. It is intended to enable non-music MIDI applications as well as music ones, by providing low-level access to the MIDI devices available on the users’ systems. The Web MIDI API is not intended to describe music or controller inputs semantically; it is designed to expose the mechanics of MIDI input and output interfaces, and the practical aspects of sending and receiving MIDI messages, without identifying what those actions might mean semantically. The Web MIDI API is also expected to be used in conjunction with other APIs and elements of the web platform, notably the Web Audio API. This API is also intended to be familiar to users of MIDI APIs on other systems, such as Apple’s CoreMIDI and Microsoft’s Windows MIDI API. Learn more about the Rich Web Client Activity.