Publishing WG Telco, 2019-04-01: New WPUB document structure, audiobook profile draft

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

New WPUB Document Structure

The WPUB Draft has been restructured to fulfill a series of past resolutions.

  • Part I: the manifest, its structure, its lifecyle (canonicalization, final checkings, etc). The terms are now more precisely categorized, and the canonicalization is defined in terms of these categories, instead of referring to the terms explicitly. Profiles may add their own terms and provide extra processing steps if needed.
  • Part II: the Web Publication Profile, describing the PEP, the way to obtain a manifest, the possible extraction of some metadata items (i.e., title) from a the PEP.
  • Part III: how to define new profiles

The group has agreed to re-publish the official W3C Draft with this version.

Audiobook profile draft

The first Editor’s draft for the Audiobook profile is now available, and the group discussed some immediate issues (to be incorporated into the ED). The main features discussed:

  • The reading order of an audiobook MUST incude audio files only. Other possible resources (cover page, etc) may be present in the resources’ list, but not in the reading order.
  • There is now a duration property. There were discussions around this property:
    • There is a duration term for the book as a whole as well as for individual resources
    • There was no consensus whether the duration for the book as a whole should be REQUIRED or not; a new issue will be raised for that
    • The term may be useful for other media objects like video, ie, the property should probably be defined in general (ie, part of the WPUB document). However, usage of the terms for the book as a whole may be restricted to audio (or video) books.

Discussions will continue with the evolution of this new draft.

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