Publishing WG Telco, 2019-03-11: Lightweight packaging format

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

TOC Format

The current draft is now at The document is very short: refers to the ISO ZIP standard as for the packaging file format itself. The only WPUB-specific specification is the requirement on having an entry page in HTML and/or a manifest file (defined by wpub) at the root directory. The rest of the organization depends on the author and is described in the manifest.

There are some editorial issues; the only major non-editorial issue was whether this document should be proposed as a W3C Recommendation track document or not. There are pro-s and con-s, but the current decision of the Working Group is to publish this document, eventually, as a W3C WG Note, making it clear that the ideal solution would be to use some sort of a Web Packaging specification, but this is not available today.


The telco discussed horizontal reviewing issues as well as the agenda of the upcoming F2F meeting in Cambridge, MA.

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