RDF Working Group Is Settling In

The RDF working group started its work in earnest on 16 February 2011, with much
interest and strong participation from the W3C community. The thirty-four participants represent companies large and small, academic institutions,
non-profits and include several invited experts. The mission of the RDF working
group is to “Update the 2004 RDF Recommendations, extending RDF to include
features desirable and important for interoperability, but without a negative
effect on deployment.”

Discussions on the group’s mailing list have occasionally exceeded
fifty messages per day during the first month of operations. Some of these
conversations have elicited public and private concerns regarding the intentions
of the working group, especially in relation to the scope of its charter.

As the charter clearly says, we will not be “breaking RDF”. However, it is
equally important to have open discussions early in the working group’s process,
to understand each others views and positions. Not all discussions will result
in consensus, much less a W3C Recommendation. The process should not be
confused with anticipated results.

The working group expects to solidify its discussions following the first
face-to-face meeting scheduled for 13-14 April. Those concerned with the future
of RDF may consider joining the working group or commenting on the forthcoming working drafts. In the best W3C spirit, comments from outsiders are taking extremely seriously. We value your input and your participation!

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