Incubator group on Provenance started at W3C

The mission of the Provenance Incubator Group, is to provide a state-of-the art understanding and develop a roadmap in the area of provenance for Semantic Web technologies, development, and possible standardization. This includes:

  • Developing requirements for representing explicit provenance information of Semantic Web resources
  • Developing use cases for accessing and reasoning about provenance information
  • Identifying the issues in provenance that are a direct concern to the Semantic Web
  • Identifying starting points for provenance representations
  • Articulating the relationships between provenance on the Semantic Web and ongoing work on trust and provenance in other areas
  • Identifying elements of a provenance architecture on the Semantic Web that need and would benefit from Standardization (eg, at the W3C)

The group will be chaired by Yolanda Gil. The charter of the group is publicly available.

About Ivan Herman

Ivan Herman is the leader of the Digital Publishing Activity at W3C. For more details, see

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