Five POWDER Documents published; Three Last Call Drafts

The Protocol for Web Description Resources (POWDER) Working Group published five Working Drafts. The purpose of the Protocol for Web Description Resources (POWDER) is to provide a means for individuals or organizations to describe a group of resources through the publication of machine-readable metadata. The primary change in these publications relates to the IRI canonicalization sections of the Grouping of Resources document (sections 2.1.3 – 2.1.5). The group published these documents:

  • Description Resources (Last Call); which details the creation and lifecycle of Description Resources (DRs), which encapsulate metadata
  • Grouping of Resources (Last Call); which describes how sets of IRIs can be defined such that descriptions or other data can be applied to the resources obtained by dereferencing IRIs that are elements of the set.
  • Formal Semantics (Last Call); which describes how the relatively simple operational format of a POWDER document can be transformed for processing by Semantic Web tools
  • Primer
  • Test Suite

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