Two Group Notes Published About Semantic Web and Life Sciences

The W3C Semantic Web Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group has published two Group Notes: A Prototype Knowledge Base for the Life Sciences and Experiences with the conversion of SenseLab databases to RDF/OWL. The former describes a prototype of a biomedical knowledge base that integrates 15 distinct data sources using currently available Semantic Web technologies including RDF and OWL. The Note outlines which resources were integrated, how the knowledge base was constructed using free and open source triple store technology, how it can be queried using SPARQL, and what resources and inferences are involved in answering complex queries. While the utility of the knowledge base is illustrated by identifying a set of genes involved in Alzheimer’s Disease, the approach described here can be applied to any use case that integrates data from multiple domains. The second document describe the experience of converting SenseLab databases into OWL, an important step towards realizing the benefits of Semantic Web in integrative neuroscience research.

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