RIF WG agrees to Basic Logic and PR dialects

The RIF working group resolved this week to create two task forces, representing the two major types of rule systems represented in the group: logic-based rules and production rules. Each task force is dedicated to the specification of a (non-core) dialect of RIF: the dialect formerly known as the “RIF Core” will be renamed the “Basic Logic Dialect” (BLD), and its sibling will be called the “Production Rule Dialect” (PRD). Work on a common RIF core dialect will re-commence once the requirements set by these two dialects are specified.
The working group expects that the BLD, since it is in a fairly advanced state, will be ready for publication in a few weeks, and hopes to have a PRD draft by September.
The BLD will continue to be an interchange format for positive horn with functions, builtins, frames and slots, and RDF compatibility. The PRD will begin with the OMG PRR meta-model.

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