WebAuthN WG 2022 Recharter

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The Working Group rechartered in April 2022 with updated scope:

The Working Group will determine use cases that the API needs to support and use these to derive requirements. Success will be determined by the implementation of API features as defined in this section of the charter.

API Features in scope are:

  1. Requesting generation of multiple asymmetric key pairs within a specific scope (e.g., an origin) with crypto (signature and curve) agility and crypto parameter selection;
  2. Proving that the browser has possession of a specific private key, where the proof can only be done within the scope of the key pair. In other words, authentication should obey the same origin policy;
  3. Remote desktop (unattended operation) ability;
  4. Ability to allow a non-modal UI;
  5. Binding of ambient credentials;
  6. Re-authentication from the discretion of the relying party;
  7. Dynamic linking of authentication credentials;
  8. Storing of private key(s);
  9. Account recovery and/or credential backup options;
  10. Facilitate relying party adoption through additional API enhancements such as returning transport indications in assertions, a credential “durability” signal, and credential status feedback signaling from relying parties.

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