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Associated with several WAI transitions, it has been announced that I will take over some aspects of Judy Brewer's role, in order to ensure continuity of the WAI program after her departure in January. I want to share with everyone what I know so far about what this means for WAI. This is an interim assignment for now, for which I feel well-positioned to bring my experience in W3C to help WAI and W3C evolve through the current transitions.

My priority is to keep the work moving forwards, including working groups and projects associated with WAI, as well as the behind-the-scenes activities that enable the staff to support that work. I will need to make time for this work, and am glad my colleagues Shawn Henry, Daniel Montalvo, and Roy Ran will expand their responsibilities as well. For those of you who know how embedded I am in the Accessibility Guidelines work, be reassured that I plan to continue active involvement in that group so I can continue to provide institutional memory, and my characteristic approach at understanding issues, to this challenging work.

Another transition is that Kevin White rejoined WAI this week, bringing a great deal of experience in program management and digital accessibility. Our respective strengths and experience will help us ensure the work progresses smoothly. We will also work with WAI staff and W3C to determine what roles the program needs going forwards, and how we might fill those with current and future staff. My own role after the transition will be addressed in those discussions as well.

Many of you know me mostly in my role as staff contact to the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group, as well as to the APA and ARIA groups. I've been involved in this work for over 20 years, and have vision for how to move WAI forward through the staff and W3C transitions. I look forward to engaging with a broader set of stakeholders than I have so far, and to helping lead WAI into its next phase!

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