WHATWG Review Drafts of HTML and DOM endorsed as W3C Recommendations

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In May 2019, W3C and the WHATWG signed an agreement to collaborate on the development of a single version of the HTML and DOM specifications. Both organizations work together on HTML and DOM, in the WHATWG repositories, to produce a Living Standard and Recommendation/Review Draft-snapshots. The W3C HTML Working Group was rechartered to assist the W3C community in raising issues and proposing solutions for those specifications.

Today, following reviews from the W3C community, W3C is endorsing its first snapshot of HTML. The HTML specification defines a semantic-level markup language and associated semantic-level scripting APIs for authoring accessible pages on the Web ranging from static documents to dynamic applications.

W3C endorsed its first snapshot of DOM in November 2020. The Document Object Model (DOM) specification defines a platform-neutral model for events, aborting activities, and node trees. The HTML Working Group expects to bring WHATWG Review Drafts of HTML and DOM to Recommendation once a year.

W3C remains committed to ensuring that HTML and DOM development continues to take into account the needs of the global community, and continues to improve in areas such as accessibility, internationalization and privacy while providing greater interoperability, performance and security.

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