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We are building the agenda of the Web Payments Working Group's next virtual meeting, 25-28 October. The meeting is part of TPAC 2021, and so are planning several joint discussions with other W3C groups, notably on topics of Web Authentication, Internationalization, and Privacy. In addition to those conversations, our main focus will be Secure Payment Confirmation (SPC). I anticipate we will discuss SPC experiments (Adyen/Airbnb and Stripe), the integration of SPC into EMV® 3-D Secure version 2.3, other potential integrations, and deployment status in Chrome.

We typically organize some future looking sessions. This time around Coil is leading a discussion on "Unlocking the Potential of the Internet of Value". A session like this is particularly timely because we are in the process of rechartering the group and want to be sure that we can accommodate emerging participant interests.

I expect our agenda to solidify over the next couple of weeks, so check back soon.

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