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As announced on the Grant for the Web blog, the Web Consortium is excited to announce that Grant for the Web has awarded the W3C a $268,700 USD grant to help ensure that the Grant for the Web program, grantees, and community shape an emerging Web Monetization ecosystem favorable to open standardization.

Grant for the Web is a program funded and led by Coil, working in collaboration with founding collaborators Mozilla and Creative Commons.

“W3C is excited to partner with Grant for the Web to help contribute to a process that is accessible, international and secure as well as to learn the perspectives of the platform creators.” – Jeff Jaffe, CEO, W3C

Various important aspects of web technology development including privacy, security, internationalization, accessibility, and interoperability are often overlooked in ways that can delay successful global scaling and lessen their societal impact.  The Grant for the Web project will link  experts in these capabilities with both the Grant for the Web Program Team and its grantees to advise on the best approaches to incorporating open web design principles. 

W3C will use this award to allow staff to liaise with grantees and Program Team. $25K in Inclusion Grants will underwrite new W3C memberships in lower income countries to support diversity, inclusion, and equity in the Web Monetization ecosystem and in the broader web standards movement. W3C will advise the Grant for the Web collaborating partners Coil, Mozilla, and Creative Commons on how the program can better strengthen our championing of web standards in our policies and practices.

Read more on the announcement at the Grant for the Web blog and at their FAQ. We look forward to working with Grant for the Web and its grantees. 

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