AIOTI, ISO/IEC JTC1, ETSI, oneM2M and W3C Collaborate on Two Joint White Papers on Semantic Interoperability Targeting Developers and Standardization Engineers

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Digital transformation holds huge benefits for enabling organizations to be more efficient, more flexible, and more nimble in responding to changes in business and operating conditions. This involves the need to integrate heterogeneous data and services throughout organizations. Semantic interoperability addresses the need for shared understanding of the meaning and context.

To support this, a cross-organization expert group involving ISO/IEC JTC1, ETSI, oneM2M and W3C are collaborating with AIOTI on accelerating adoption of semantic technologies in the IoT. The group has very recently published two joint white papers on semantic interoperability respectively named "Semantic IoT Solutions - A Developer Perspective" and "Towards semantic interoperability standards based on ontologies". This follows on the success of the earlier white paper on "Semantic Interoperability for the Web of Things."

The editor of the white papers, Martin Bauer, says, "We identified two groups that are vital to the successful adoption of semantics – developers and standardization engineers. Developers often lack the background, so the white paper gives them a step-by-step introduction on how to develop semantic systems. Standardization engineers can profit from the group’s experience on developing ontologies, explaining how ontology experts and domain experts have to work together to develop ontology-based semantic standards."

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