W3C participation in Financial Innovations & Payments Summit 2019

Logo Financial Innovation&Payments Summit - July 2019I will be attending the Financial Innovation and Payments Summit (#FIPS) for the third year in a row!  Last year, I moderated a panel, this year I’m doing that again as well as participating on another panel.

I’m excited to be the moderator for the Evolution of Digital Payments panel and to be joined by Solomon Choi (@Solohandles) of 16 handles (@16Handles),  Frank Liddy (@FrankLiddy) of PayPal (@PayPal), Abhi Kulkarni (@TalentbeatInc) of Aurus, Inc.,  Brian DuCharme (@BrianMobileGuy) of STAR Network, and Rachel Siegel of Pew Charitable Trusts!  This panel brings the experiences from a diverse set of organizations in the Digital Payments space.  We plan to cover both the recent (past 3 – 5 years) changes in Digital Payments as well as looking at what might be next focusing on foreseeable future and playing a little bit of crystal ball beyond that.   Hopefully we’ll have some thought provoking discussions and engage the audience as well!  We’re on at 4:00P on Wednesday 10 July, so if you’re in Newport we’d love to see you!

On Thursday, at 2:15P, I’m honored to be on the Digital Payments Creating Smarter Cities Panel being moderated by Bryan Jurewicz (@bryanjurewicz) of Arrow Payments (@ArrowPayments).  We had our organizing call today and Bryan has put a great set of discussion points together that I think the audience will love and I suspect will cause a level of questioning to occur.

As always, I’m available for anyone attending that wants to learn about the exciting things going on in W3C around Payments, Automotive, Entertainment and Media, Privacy, Security and much, much more.  You can find me on @JAlanBirdW3C, or on the @Opal_Group #FIPS app.

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