EPUBCheck 4.2.0 RC published: Check EPUBCheck!

The DAISY Consortium has just delivered today the Release Candidate of EPUBCheck 4.2.0. It brings complete support to the latest specification of EPUB: EPUB 3.2.

EPUB 3.2 is the a sound and reliable specification of the EPUB 3 standard, massively used in the digital publishing industry. The EPUB3 Community Group has published it as a CG report. Beyond full compatibility with EPUB 3.0.1 and better specification document structure, EPUB 3.2 opens a full Web standards support for content.

As without EPUBCheck, no EPUB distribution can be reliably done along the digital supply chain (see No EPUBCheck, no EPUB! post here), we at the Publishing Business Group strongly encourage distributors and retailers to verify the usability of this 4.2.0 RC.

Please check EPUBCheck !

The EPUBCheck 4.2.0 RC is available for download at:


Report bugs and issues to the development team in the issue tracker in Github !

The Steering Committee of the Publishing Business Group wants to thank the DAISY Consortium and all 4.2.0 RC contributors.

To support this revision, you can contribute to the fundraising call at: https://www.w3.org/blog/2018/10/epubcheck-fundraising/

And perhaps you’ll want to be among the happy few to wear this EPUBCheck t-shirt. All funds go to DAISY for EPUBCheck development. The shirts were designed by Iris Febres and are available until the end of March.