Publishing WG Telco, 2019-02-11: Primary entry page, or not, in a package (Part 2), TOC format

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

Primary Entry Page in a Package

This was a continuation of the discussion of the last time on whether it is necessary to add a Primary Entry Page to a package or not (Issue #33). Since the last time, an additional proposal was put on github on restructuring the concepts and the document to make a better separation of among the different constituent pieces. With that, the group adopted two resolutions:

  1. Resolution #2: Restructure the document to reflect the publication structure as primary, with web publications and packaged web publications as modules
  2. Resolution #3: WP keeps PEP as a requirement, Lightweight Packaging will give the option of using the PEP or the Manifest (with rules agreed to resolve any possible duplication [start with looking for PEP, and process that first; if not present, look for standalone manifest]), but one must be present in the package.

TOC Format

This is issue #376 on whether the current HTML based format for a TOC is the only format, or whether it is possible to simply add a TOC into the manifest directly. The problem is whether the load on using HTML is too high for implementers (probably not) or authors (this is still discussed). The discussion has not concluded yet, and should be continued on the next meeting.