EPUBCheck 4.2 beta release available !

The EPUB3 Community Group has been working hard in 2018 to finalize a sound and reliable specification of the EPUB 3 standard, massively used in the digital publishing industry. This is EPUB 3.2 and it has been published as a CG report. Beyond full compatibility with EPUB 3.0.1 and better specification document structure, EPUB 3.2 opens a full Web standards support for content.

In parallel, the Publishing Business Group has launched with the DAISY Consortium a development effort to revise the EPUBCheck tool that everyone uses to verify the structure quality of EPUB files all along the digital supply chain (see No EPUBCheck, no EPUB! post here).

Once again in time according to the development plans, the DAISY Consortium has just delivered today a beta version EPUBCheck 4.2 which is the very first release of the tool to check EPUB 3.2 files.

Obviously not for production, this beta release need to be tested on a very large scale to ensure it operates as expected on all sorts of EPUB 3 files, especially those including EPUB 3.2 new specificities (see EPUB 3.2 Changes).

Last version before the Release Candidate, this beta version 4.2.0 is available for download at :


See there details on new features list and bug fixes. Please test thoroughly and report issues to the team in the issue tracker in Github !

The Steering Committee of the Publishing Business Group wants to thank the DAISY Consortium and all 4.2.0 beta version contributors for this important milestone of EPUBCheck revision.

You can still continue to support this work by contributing to the fundraising call at https://www.w3.org/blog/2018/10/epubcheck-fundraising/