Call for Participation: W3C Workshop on Digital Publication Layout and Presentation (from Manga to Magazines)

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The W3C announced today the latest in a series of workshops exploring the capabilities needed to ensure that the Web delivers on its full potential as a universal platform for digital publishing.

The upcoming technical workshop will be held September 18-19 in Tokyo, Japan. It will focus on evaluating the current status and exploring future directions of visually-rich long-form digital publications based on Web Technologies (particularly CSS, the formatting language of the Web), encompassing both fixed and dynamic layouts. Such “high-design” publications, with complex or sophisticated layout, may be sequential art (Comics, Manga, Bandes-Dessinées, etc.), magazines, picture books, cookbooks, educational materials, etc.

Anyone may request to attend at no charge and the W3C welcomes participation by both speakers and non-speaking attendees with relevant expertise. Early expression of interest in attending is encouraged due to limited space.

The workshop will emphasize the application of theory and technology to meet practical ecosystem needs.  Participants in the workshop will:

  • Share current practices in creating high-design digital publications.
  • Share emerging new-form sequential art presentation experiences such as interstitial interactivity and other presentations that transcend replication of print forms.
  • Identify mismatches between existing Web technologies and these current practices, helping to inform and guide current standard development work, and potentially to help instigate new work.

Attendees are expected to include:

  • Publishers from multiple segments (manga/comics, magazines, trade ebooks, learning content, etc.)
  • Authoring tool developers;
  • Browser developers;
  • Web Standards experts
  • Web developers;
  • Developers of commercial and open source publishing technology middle-ware and services;
  • Other SDOs involved in related standard setting.

The Call for Participation is now open.

This W3C Workshop will take place at Keio University's historic Mita campus, hosted by Keio's Advanced Publishing Laboratory.

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