Publishing WG Telco, 2018-05-07: Scholarly Publishing UC, Browsing context

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

Use Cases of Scholarly Publishing

Josh Pyle and Nick Ruffilo have begun to go through the UCR document (inherited from the DPUB IG) to review and refresh it for WG use. One particular area is Scholarly publishing. The overall impression on the UCR document, with regard to this branch of publishing, that some aspects are not emphasized enough: the importance of fidelity of content (mathematical formulae, chemical diagrams, etc), the fact that content is usually stored on the publisher’s site and not necessary downloaded like a book, issues around control of content, etc. One effect on the WP is that, whereas “offline” possibility is very important for Scholarly publishing, packaging less so (“offline” may be temporary, bound to one system, etc, whereas a PWP is not necessarily).

Work is onging.

Browsing Context for WP

An (older) issue 104 looks at the problem of “browsing context”:

“A browsing context is an environment in which Document objects are presented to the user.”

The question is whether a WP introduces its own context or whether it should simply rely on the context provided by the “landing page”. Noting that if WP defined its own “publishing” context, many aspects related to security, how content is acquired, etc, should be redefined. On the other hand a WP has its own “boundaries” in terms documents that are part of it, user interface/personalizations, etc, that may touch on this issue.

(The meeting ended a bit abruptly, because the telco system unexpectedly closed, the discussion is ongoing on issue 104.)