DPUB IG Telco, 2017-01-30: Technical PWP issues

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See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

Call for testimonials on the IDPF/W3C combination

The two organizations are close to sign the deal, which will be accompanies by a Press Release. Testimonials are welcome, see testimonial guidelines for further information.

PWP Issues — Definition of a PWP

One discussion point that came up is what terminology to be used for the definition of a PWP. The the current text says “A Web Publication (WP) is a bounded collection of resources, envisioned and created as a whole, that can be presented using Open Web Platform technologies.” However, some issues came up around this definition; see the mailing list thread on this. After discussion, the agreement on the call was to reuse, instead, the terminology section, with a slight modification on its relation of presentation. A change proposal on the draft will be made on GitHub soon.

PWP Issues — Relationship to Accessibility

The current text (in the same section) also makes the statement “A Web Publication must be accessible to the broadest possible range of readers.”. Although there was a general agreement on the general goal, the text sounded too restrictive insofar as using a “must” under all circumstances (see again the aforementioned thread). The discussion lead to an agreement, whereby the approach is that all technologies used for WP must allow for accessibility features, but we cannot make a statement whereby each publication MUST be accessible. Again, a change proposal on the draft will made on GitHub in the coming days.

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