2017-07-10 Telco: Testing, Web Packaging, Manifest, A11y TF

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See Minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions. Testing Shane McCarron of Spec Ops joined us to discuss testing our forthcoming specs. Shane stressed that it's important to make use of the tools that already exist, such as Web Platform tests. We can also make use of tests that already exist for EPUB, including epubbtest.org and the test files for epubcheck. Shane recommends that as we write our specs, we track assertions or testable statements so that we can build a testing strategy.

Web Packaging Update Garth Conboy and Brady Duga spoke to fellow Googlers about work on Web Packaging. They are happy to work with us, and they plan to split their current work and present formatting and signing to IETF. Several members noted that there are still questions from IETF and Web Apps about the direction of this work.

Manifest There has been a lot of discussion on GitHub about manifests. Some threads go into areas that are beyond scope for Manifest. Tim Cole suggested creating separate issues for those items. Dave Cramer will begin drafting some of the manifest spec so that we have something concrete to review.

Accessibility TF Avneesh Singh sent out a call for participation in the Accessibility TF. Please contact Avneesh if you'd like to participate.

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