Introducing the W3C Strategy Funnel

W3C has a variety of mechanisms for listening to what the community thinks could make for good future Web standards. These include discussions with the Membership, discussions with other standards bodies, and the activities of thousands of engineers in nearly 300 community groups. There are lots of good ideas, and lately the strategy team in W3C has experimented with ways to identify promising topics. Today we’d like to share our exploratory work and invite public participation.

Funnel graphic illustrating Exploration, Investigation, Incubation, Evaluation, CharteringWe’d like to take the “beta” label off the Strategy Funnel and explicitly invite your participation.

The Funnel documents our exploration of potential new work areas, from the germ of an idea — Exploration and Investigation — through its development as a potential work item — Incubation and Evaluation — to the potential Chartering of a new Working Group or Interest Group or a re-charter to expand the scope of an existing group. The Funnel is a GitHub Project view in which each new area is an issue represented by a “card” in the stack. Cards move through the columns, usually from left to right. Most issues (cards) start in Exploration and move forward or move out of the funnel.

The meaning of each stage is further documented at these links: 0.Exploration 1.Investigation 2.Incubation 3.Evaluation 4.Chartering.

Public input is welcome at any stage, and particularly invited at the Incubation phase and beyond: To help us identify work that is sufficiently incubated to warrant standardization (Incubation); to review the ecosystem around the work and indicate your interest in participating in its standardization (Evaluation); and to draft a charter that reflects an appropriate scope of work (Chartering). We aim to incorporate comments and respond to concerns well before a charter is presented to the W3C Advisory Committee for formal review, and hope thereby to make the review process more effective and responsive.

Don’t see what you need there yet? Add it as new issue.