DPUB IG Telco, 2017-01-09: PWP locators section, charter

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

Locator section in the PWP doc

This section is one of the sections to be thoroughly rewritten, but it has not been entirely clear how. There are lots of good technical content there, but the text is nevertheless to specific, not in balance with the rest of the document. It contains references to manifests, canonical, etc, and it is not clear whether it should stay as is.

It has been said that the goal of the document is to provide a good input to the possible W3C DPUB WG, that would then do a more thorough technical specification. After some discussion it was agreed that the core text should be revised to make it shorter and higher level, and push the technical content into an appendix, making it clear that that is really just jotting down ideas for the future.

It was noted that similar discussions are happening in the Readium consortium; it is therefore a good idea to use the experiences in that community to record them in this document, too.

Additional todo-s in the PWP document

There was a short discussion on what else should be done (beyond an editorial reconciliation of the various parts), these included cross references to the use case document. It would also be a good idea to publish this document and the use case as official drafts.


There was a short discussion on the various charters (Business Group, Community Group, Working Group) and their status and timeline. These are all related to the possible IDPF/W3C merger process (which may be completed by the end of the month). There will also be a W3C Member Submission to W3C for EPUB 3.1; the goal is to settle the IPR differences between IDPF and W3C with regard to that document (to make it reusable for further work at W3C without any licensing and IPR issues).

The main role of this IG is to provide technical comments to the WG charter. That may include adding Readium documents, as well as documents coming from the IDPF EPUB WG, to the list of input document to the WG charter as technical input.


Due to Martin Luther King day in the US the next meeting is cancelled.