W3C China celebrated its 10th Anniversary in July

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W3C Beihang Host celebrated W3C China10th Anniversary in Beihang University on July 9th 2016. To honor the past fruitful 10 years and look forward to brighter future, W3C China team invited the local web community to celebrate this great moment together.

The event was organized in 3 sessions, including Core Web technology, Future of the Web and Web&Indsutry. 11 speakers from W3C team, W3C members as well as some notedresearchers shared their insights. More than 200 participants attended this event on site and about 20000 remote attendees watched the onsite video streaming. The Core Web Technology Session focused on the current achievements of the Open Web Platform. Presentations about Web design principles, Web applications and web accessibility were shared with the audience; in the Future of Web Session, the speakers talked about the hot topics such as blockchain, virtual reality and data visualization. Prof. Wei-Tek Tsai who just came back from W3C Blockchain workshop shared his experience on this workshop as well as his vision about blockchain; the Web & Industry Session were mainly for W3C’s efforts in the vertical industries such as payment, automotive as well as web of things. Dr.Jie Bao, a former W3C Linked data activity participants talked about the use of linked data in financial industry and brought the audience a fresh new angle to view the linked data technologies.

Prof. Jinpeng Huai, former Beihang Host representative, ex-President of Beihang University, the Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information joint this event and expressed his best wishes for the future of W3C and the Web.

A brief history of W3C in China

In the spring of 2006, W3C China Office was launched in Beihang University and Beihang University starts to host W3C in China ever since. In 2008, W3C China Office took over the related business from W3C Hong Kong Office and W3C Hong Kong Office was terminated for a good reason. W3C China Office appreciated the contribution from Hong Kong Office, especially the efforts and supports from Prof. Vincent Shen the Office Manager of W3C Hong Kong Office. With the continuous endeavor from W3C team home and abroad, as well as the strong support from Web community, W3C has grown robustly together with the web industry in China. More and more noted Chinese ICT organizations such as Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, Baidu, China Mobile, Chine Unicom and Chinese Academy of Science joint W3C as members. New web technologies like HTML5 gains increasing popularity among the Chinese developers. In January 2016, W3C upgraded its China Office and launched the fourth international R&D center in Beihang AKA a W3C Host in China.

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