DPUB IG Telco, 2016-11-21: First review of new DPUB-PWP version; CSS actions

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See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

First review of new DPUB-PWP version

The grossly outdated DPUB-PWP document has to undergo changes as a result of the changes in the UCR document. A first draft of the changes is the editor's draft: at this moment, it is hardly more than a reshuffle of the old version with a new order of the sections, a new organizations. Discussions have begun on what to do in the document. The meeting addressed some details.

  • Title of the document: there is an agreement to use simply "Web Publications"
  • EPUB, EPUB4, Profiles: the relationships with EPUB and, in a more general sense, reference to Profiles has to be re-considered. Profiles of WP-s may become an essential feature, and EPUB (eg, a future version) may become a profile of WP, alongside other possible profiles. This section has to be thoroughly rewritten
  • API-s: there are two, currently empty sections in the documents on API-s, as a result of the discussions that took place mainly at TPAC. It was agreed that these sections should probably remain in the document, although it is not clear which group would pick those up
  • Locators: the whole issue of locators should probably be re-considered. The old version (that is also in the text) was influenced by a much more rigid view on online/offline and packaged states, and maybe that should be re-thought. Work for the future...

To be continued…


The group reviewed the pending actions that were defined at the joined meeting with the CSS WG at the TPAC: Media queries for MathML (currently pending, because it is not clear that this is the right solution after all), character based alignments in tables (collecting use cases), and hanging punctuation.

The usage of W3C's Discourse as an 'incubating' tool came to the fore, with an item on list heading and captions recently raised on that list by Tzviya. The evolution of that item shows the value of using that tool, which may be used more extensively in the future.

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