DPUB IG Telco, 2016-10-31: TPAC UCR review, DPUB ARIA, Task Force reviews

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See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

UCR document review

There was a new version of the UCR submitted last week, some issues remained to be discussed:

  • issue on manifests and links: the various issues got mixed up after all; it was agreed to separate an issue on addressing constituent resources and the other on mapping.
  • the term "versioning" means different things for different communities; we will use the term "iteration" (which is neutral enough)
  • the first section on security (4.2) will be removed and, instead, the use cases will be added to the relevant use cases in the document (just like what happened with the accessibility use cases)
  • 4.3 is really related to the security model for packaging, and that should move to section 3
  • the order of subsections in section 2 may have to be removed
  • there were some discussions on the use case of 2.2.6 (on Buffy) whether that is the right place for it; agreed to keep it there but reformulate it so that it is not creating a new WP, but filtering it

There were also some mostly editorial issues sent to the mailing list.

Next step

Leonard, Tzviya, and Ivan have the pen, in that order; the document can then go for wider review (hopefully by the end of the week).


The current document is ready to go for CR soon, and a wide review is in order. Implementations are needed, see the "Exit Criteria" section in that document.

Task force reviews

A quick roundup on the current task forces:

  • The a11y task force concentrated on the use cases; now that this is essentially done, the other issues are related to additions to WCAG
  • The CSS task force was pending but more volunteers may come to the fore to improve the relationships
  • The Archive task force is a bit pending, may have to be closed down
  • The STEM task force is probably out of steam, to be closed down
  • The Structural Semantics Task Force is behind the DPUB-ARIA work, something that may continue later, albeit the exact form is not yet clear

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