DPUB IG Telco, 2016-04-19: Math CG, EPUB summit, latinreq, A11y note, Use cases

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See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions. (The headers below link into the relevant sections of the minutes.)

Math on the Web CG

Peter Krautzberger reported on the new W3C community group that has been launched: “Math on the Web”; see the site for a more detailed goals of the group. Many people have been contacted, the responses are usually positive. At this moment there 18 participants, a call of action is still necessary (see, e.g., Peter’s blog). The participants are an interesting mix, usually people you don't see in these discussions. First goal is to find common ground and get people together to find things they are interested in working on. We hope to educate the appropriate people and be a positive role within the W3C. Further work with the ARIA Working Group may also be important on the A11y side of Math presentation, but the same type of interaction with the CSS WG is also to be expected.

A short F2F meeting at TPAC has been set up.

EPUB Summit update

There was an EPUB Summit in Bordeaux, France, on the 7-8 April, preceded by an IDPF EPUB 3.1 Working Group F2F.

Markus reported on the F2F meeting. An important topic was the discussion on the Browser Friendly Format (BFF). This is a server-side provision of EPUB. At present, the IDPF WG decided that this work is not part of the core deliverables of EPUB3.1 and, rather, a general collaborative work for for the future. There are, of course, lots of overlaps with the PWP work and we will have to discuss the forms of cooperation in future.

The Summit itself has been video'd, and the content will be on the Web soon. One of the interesting presentation was from Samuel Petit, from Actialuna, who gave a great presentation on user interaction and publisher requirements for comics, manga, but any kind of visual presentations like children’s books or educational publications.

There were also lots of discussion around LCP (Lightweight Content Protection), a scheme developed by the Readium Consortium.

Latinreq update

There were also discussion in Bordeaux that led to an update of the Latireq draft, following a discussion on how to properly handle quotation marks in different languages.

Accessibility Note

The Accessibility Note in preparation is now ready for final review before publication. Goal is to finalize it by next Monday and publish it after that.

Use Cases Document

The gathering of the use cases continues, and the goal is to collect them now and come up with a first document draft in the coming weeks.

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