I 💙 [love] W3C… what about you? (Meetup in Barcelona)

The W3C Office in Spain is glad to present I 💙 W3C… what about you?, a meetup to be held on October 24 in Barcelona. This informal meeting aims at gathering the local industry, public bodies and researchers to discuss challenges, opportunities and potential collaboration. In an open discussion, W3C staff and Members will present the latest activities of the Consortium that will be of interest for the Spanish community.

All local companies working with Web technologies are invited to participate, presenting their challenges, needs, and successful projects using W3C standards (or not!). We would like to understand interests and barriers for those companies in terms of Web technologies.

Although everyone will be invited to introduce their own topics, we will focus on some of the hottest technologies such as: Web Payments, Blockchain, Web of Things, Data on the Web (Big Data, Open Data, Linked Data), Web Apps, and Digital Publishing.

The event will be open and free, but registration is required. Read more about the event, and book your seat now!


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