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W3C, along with SAP, TCD and KUL, is partner in a European project called STREWS. The goal is to bring research and standardization in the area of Web security together. The project is funded by the European Commission (7th Framework Programme). It organizes workshops, writes reports, and, as its main goal, writes a “European Roadmap for Research on Web Security”.

That report is due later this year. And to help with assigning priorities to various topics in security, the project has created a survey. It is targeted especially at people maintaining web sites.

If you maintain a Web site, or have helped set one up in the past or plan to do so soon, you can help: Please, take some time to fill out this survey:

STREWS Web-security interactive survey

The STREWS project especially likes to hear from other European research projects, because one of the goals of the Roadmap is to help the European Commission select areas of research that need more support. That's why a few questions talk specifically about “projects.” Just skip any questions that don't apply to you.

The survey is open until September 11. The Roadmap is expected to be published later in September or October. It will be freely available from the STREWS Web site.

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