New online survey: 5 questions on security from the STREWS project

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The survey on Web security that we talked about here in August, is now closed. But the STREWS project opened another one:

☑ STREWS Web-security 5-question survey

Update (13 Oct 2015): The same questionnaire is also available via Surveymonkey:

☑ STREWS Web-security 5-question survey (via Surveymonkey)

If you help create or maintain a Web site (or several), you can help us by filling out the survey! It is very short.

The STREWS project is a joint project of KUL, SAP, TCD and W3C and funded in large part by the European Commission. It is finalizing a report called the European Web Security Roadmap and this survey serves as a way to validate its recommendations.

The Roadmap itself will be published later this month. It contains an overview of current (world-wide) research and standardization efferts in the area of Web security, a number of  study results and an overview of what is going on in European policy making. Its goal is to help especially policy makers identify the gaps between existing research and standards on the one hand and current and emerging security threats on the other.

It turns out there are vulnerabilities that are well-researched (Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection, etc.), but still as prevalent as ever in practice. There are also relatively new threats, such as Pervasive Monitoring, where people are still struggling to define a model and effective countermeasures. (The STRINT workshop last year, organized by STREWS on behalf of W3C and the IAB, was the first workshop where the IETF, W3C and others worked together on a policy against PM.)

The survey is open until October 16.

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