The Digital Publishing Interest Group has been rechartered

The Digital Publishing Interest Group’s charter has been renewed as of the 1st of September, 2015. The new charter follows the footsteps of the previous charter insofar as building bridges between the technical needs of the Digital Publishing Community and the development of the Open Web Platform. Furthermore, the new charter also adopts, as a general vision for the future of Digital Publishing, the approach described in a separate white paper “Advancing Portable Documents for the Open Web Platform: EPUB+WEB”, leading to the mission description of the group:

The mission of the Digital Publishing Interest Group is to provide a technical forum for experts in the digital publishing ecosystem to hold discussions and recommend solutions regarding a future vision of Digital Publishing. The main message of that vision is that the current format- and workflow-level separation between offline/portable and online document publishing should be diminished to zero. The Interest Group will provide technical direction, identify technical issues, and outline prototype solutions for relevant Working Groups of the W3C to finalize as Web standards. This group is not chartered to publish Recommendations; instead, the goal is to cooperate with the relevant W3C Working Groups to ensure that the requirements of this particular community are met.

The groups is also planning to document draft technical solutions and, possibly, put forward proof-of-concept implementations. If some of the technical issues will warrant the creation of separate Working Groups for the purpose of formal standardization, the Interest Group will take an active role in the corresponding chartering activity.

The new charter extends the Interest Group until October 2017; the group is co-chaired by Tzviya Siegman, from John Wiley & Sons, Inc., and Markus Gylling, from the Daisy Consortium and IDPF.

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