DPUB IG Telco, 2015-08-03: Pagination, portable documents

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions. (The headers below link into the relevant sections of the minutes.)

Pagination and Prioritization

A first draft of the “Priorities for CSS from the Digital Publishing Interest Group” is now available publicly. Some other issues are still to be edited into the document. There is a face-to-face meeting of the CSS Houdini project at the end of the month in Paris, the goal is to have a more stable version of the document available by then. The plan the group accepted is to publish this also as an Interest Group Draft sometimes mid-August.

Portable Package Requirements

Tzviya Siegman has edited an initial document on the wiki. The document makes a distinction between three ‘forms’ of documents:

  1. Online
  2. Offline (cached)
  3. Portable (network independent)

The document focuses on the issues mainly related to the third alternative because that is where packaging may come in. The group agreed that this terminology may be misleading, though, mainly for “off-line” (which, for most of the people, seems to indicate network independence. Instead, the terminology to be used would rather be

  1. Online
  2. Cached
  3. Portable (offline)

The main question arising during the meeting was to understand what the main goal is for this document, and to filter the various issues through those goals. One major goal is to serve as a basis with other groups at W3C on whether work on Web packaging format (currently in Working Draft) should be pursued in the first place, i.e., whether publishing does have specific requirements that should be taken into account.

(Worth noting that, though the IETF started some work on a top level media type for archives, that initiative has been abandoned due to a lack of enough manpower.)


The group also spent time discussing administrative issues (steps to be taken for the charter renewal, preparation for the face-to-face meeting in October).