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I often get the chance of talking with developers, reporters and analysts about what technologies W3C is developing that are relevant for the ongoing debate on the role of the Web in mobile applications.

While I have mostly a clear idea on the topic, there wasn't a complete enough reference that I knew of on the topic, and that knowledge has been spread across various Working Group home pages, slidesets, specifications, etc.

So, as part of my involvement in the MobiWebApp European research project, I've started documenting all the relevant technologies that I knew of and their current status and deployment on mobile devices.

The resulting Mobile Web Applications standards: February 2011 current state and roadmap gives, I hope, a fairly broad view on the amount of technologies already available, the ones where more work is needed and the ones that have just been discussed.

It is very much a picture of the current state as of this month, and that state will obviously evolve in the months to come; I'm planning on publishing further updates to that document on a regular basis (which will be announced on the MobiWebApp blog), especially if I get sufficient positive feedback on its usefulness.

In the meantime, a lot of the data in the current report is based mostly on my personal limited knowledge, and I would very much welcome feedback on omissions, bugs, and the general organization and categorization of the document. Please send feedback to dom@w3.org and I'll do my best to incorporate it in the next version of the document.

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