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See 2 Feb update.

There has been a lot of discussion as a result of W3C's HTML5 logo release two days ago. I was especially encouraged by the diverse support for the HTML5 logo and I'm happy with the reception, even if not universally positive.

The announcement on Tuesday was the first step in a conversation to gain community adoption for a logo. We stated in the FAQ "this is not the official logo yet" but clearly the mixed message — "high visibility launch" along with "not yet official" — was confusing to some and caused others to feel slighted. I understand and apologize for that. We released the logo with a goal of building support and we are listening carefully to the feedback.

The most unified criticism has centered around the FAQ's original statement that the logo means "a broad set of open web technologies", which some believe "muddies the waters" of the open web platform. Since the main logo was intended to represent HTML5, the cornerstone of modern Web applications, I have updated the FAQ to state this more clearly. I trust that the updated language better aligns with community expectations.

We've seen tremendous interest and adoption in a very short time, from a large number of independent Web practioners and developers, as well as prominent companies such as Microsoft, YouTube, Sproutcore, PhoneGap, Sencha, and Jolicloud. We've also been delighted by the logo's positive reception from such notables in the design community as Brand New, Subtraction, and Fast Co Design. I especially like the parodies and remixes. I have no doubt that we can maintain and even build enthusiasm, and be responsive to your feedback, as we continue our work on the visual identity for a number of W3C technologies.

The passion for the open web expressed by people around the world is very motivating. The logo is meant to celebrate the platform we are building together. I look forward to working with you to ensure the open web's continued success.

Update 2 Feb 2011

Thank you for the feedback! We have updated the logo home page and FAQ. The updates are an improvement and satisfy some of the initial critiques. Now that the text of the of the logo home page and FAQ has stabilized, it is a good time to invite volunteer translations. If you translate the pages, please let us know on

We have not yet addressed the comments about the icons that accompany the HTML5 badge (for styling, semantics, etc.). We will continue to review feedback and expect to refine the classes and iconography to match technologies and specifications as they evolve in the future.

In less than a week we received nearly 2000 T-shirt orders and the logo was adopted on sites internationally. That has been very exciting to watch. I am optimistic that it will provide a foundation for future logo work.

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