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Slidy is a free web application for slide presentations, and makes use of a simple HTML microformat for slides. Until recently, Slidy was difficult or impossible to use on keyboard-less touch screen devices like the iPhone or Android phones. I am pleased to announce that Slidy can now be used on these devices with touch gestures:

  • swipe rightleft to go to next page or reveal next item
  • swipe leftright to do the reverse
  • swipe up or down to show/hide the table of contents

You have to swipe reasonably quickly. If you want to scroll the viewport, drag your finger slowly across the screen in the direction you want to scroll. Of course, this all depends on how much content people cram into their slides. You should be able to use the native pinch/stretch gestures to change the zoom factor. There is further work to do, e.g. on device detection and on expanding the size of the table of contents. However, I very much look forward to your feedback and suggestions for improvements.

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