W3C Priorities and Milestones in 2011

Last year I published several posts about our efforts to establish a new vision for the W3C organization. I wanted to update you on how we have turned the results of the organizational vision task forces into specific plans and actions.

Our first priority was to make sure we were focused on all elements required to create the best possible Web platform. Second, conversations with people in many different industries made clear that this new Open Web Platform was not only a great technical platform, but was literally transforming industries – from telecommunications to television broadcast, social networking, gaming, eGovernment, and publishing. Next we wanted to ensure that we opened up W3C to maximize participation of all stakeholders. Finally, we looked at our financial model – in which we discovered that the growing interest in HTML5 and the broader web program was bringing new stakeholders to strengthen our financial base; and that sponsorships can help further expand our program.

These efforts significantly impacted our plans, which we are now executing. To make sure that we remain results-focused, we have identified a subset of activities to serve a surrogate for the whole. You might be interested in reading about select priorities and milestones in 2011. While this only represents a fraction of our work, it gives a pretty good broad view of our current organizational focus.

7 thoughts on “W3C Priorities and Milestones in 2011

  1. Hi Jeff,

    I think that singling out “Mobile Web Applications” is a mistake. There is nothing about the stack created by multiple WGs to enable Web Applications that is mobile-specific. The very same technology can, and should, be used to build applications across all devices. I understand the marketing angle in that that’s a hot topic these days, but I think that it gives the wrong impression and furthers misunderstandings about this area.

    Device-independence is certainly the design goal pursued by DAP for device APIs. As such they’re a much better fit for the “Powerful Web Apps” section than described as they are as targeted at TV and mobile.

    Just my 0.02€!

    (not speaking as chair)

    1. Hi Robin,

      Thanks for the comments. I have made some editorial tweaks to the document as a result of your comment.

      W3C has long sought to design device-independent technologies. I have changed “Mobile Web Apps” to “Web Apps for Mobile Devices” in the document. I think that the former is easier to say, but if the latter formulation makes it clearer that this is an application of (device-independent) technology in a mobile context, then I think it would be an improvement. Let me know if that works for you.


      P.S. I was ok to make this change in place because I think it is primarily editorial. I probably won’t make major changes to the document in place without staff discussion.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    I would suggest that a top priority for the W3C is to explain to all involved what the W3C’s role is in the continuing development of HTML. I have detailed this request in an email to you and other senior w3C staff Please explain the role of the W3C in the continuing development of HTML. Note that this request garnered significant interest on twitter yesterday and the debate on this issue still continues HTML as a Living Standard — For and Against without any W3C input.

  3. Agree with Robin on web apps being about breaking down separation between devices. For example W3C Widgets is used for mobile apps (WAC), browser extensions (Opera), web services (Opera Unite), website gadgets (Wookie), and web apps on interactive whiteboards, tables and other classroom devices (Promethean).

    Q: “Is this the sort of web app you install on your phone, embed in your portal site, or install in the browser sidebar?”

    A: Yes!

  4. Hi Ian,

    yes, the language tweaks work nicely and I understand that you can’t just go change that kind of document radically.

    It’s really useful to have a document like this in communicating the work we do. Thanks for being so responsive!

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