HTML5: Getting to Last Call

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We started to work on HTML5 back in 2007 and have been going through issues since then. In November 2009, the HTML Chairs instituted a decision policy, which allowed us to close around 20 issues or so. We now have around 200 bugs and 25 issues on the document.

In order to drive the Group to Last Call, the HTML Chairs, following the advice from the W3C Team, produced a timeline to get the initial Last Call for HTML5. The W3C team expresses its strong support to the chairs of the HTML Working Group in their efforts to lead the group toward an initial Last Call according to the published timeline.

All new bugs related to the HTML5 specification received after the first of October 2010 will be treated as Last Call comments, with possible exceptions granted by the Chairs. The intention is to get to the initial Last Call and have a feature-complete document.

The HTML Chairs will keep driving the Group forward after that date in order to resolve all the bugs received by October 1. The expectation is to issue the Last Call document at the end of May 2011.

I encourage everyone to send bugs prior to October 1 and keep track of them in order to escalate them to the Working Group if necessary.

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