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The program of the 2009 Semantic Technologies conference is now public. Just as last year, it promises to be a busy and interesting week!

The conference is on Semantic Technologies in general, but a large percentage (majority?) of the papers will be closely related to Semantic Web technologies, exploring the usability, possible extensions, further development, etc, of technologies like RDF, SPARQL, OWL. And, of course, application examples for all these and others. Hugely important feedbacks on where to go, what to develop and possibly standardize in the years to come.

W3C is happy to be associated with the conference. I will give a tutorial and a keynote on the first day, Dave Raggett is co-author of a paper on XBRL and the Semantic Web (a topic recently started at W3C), I will be on a panel on OWL 2, and a very large number of the active members of the various W3C Working and Interest Groups in the activity will give presentations (I do not even make an attempt to list them all, because I would probably forget somebody…). This will really be a good week!

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