RIF completes "lucky 13th" F2F

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The RIF Working Group met for the 13th and final time at MIT's Stata Center in Cambridge, Mass., on April 15-17. The meeting was extremely productive, closing all critical path issues and forming a concrete plan to bring all rec-track drafts to last call by May, 2009. Among the notable decisions made, RIF will release a very minor change to the Basic Logic Dialect (BLD) - adding lists and removing a restriction on functions and predicate with multiple arities - as a second last call; a new version of RDF+OWL Compatibility (SWC) will be released also as a second last-call, due mainly to the addition of OWL-2; the rdf:text spec will be published, jointly with the OWL WG, as last call; the XML schema datatypes supported by RIF will be the same as those supported by OWL-2; all RIF dialects will support lists as part of the syntax and semantics. The last call documents for RIF Core, PRD, BLD, FLD, DTB, and SWC will be released in late May.

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