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I like writing change logs: that's usually a sign that a period of development for one of our tools is ending and that we are about to release the product of weeks, sometimes months, of work. This one is a winner… As we are releasing a new version of the W3C Link Checker, the additions to the changelog span almost 400 lines and summarize the work done for more than 2 years: new UI, many bug fixed and a generally more friendly and reliable tool. Kudos to the developers and contributors, including Ville Skyttä, Michael Ernst and Brett Bieber!

For those who would like to play with the new link checker on their own machine (did you know it worked as a command-line tool, too?) or server, the open source code for the latest version (4.4) should very soon be available on CPAN.

More W3C tools release should come very soon. In the meantime, tell us how you like this new release of the link checker in the comments, and get involved to make the next release even better: comments bug report are welcome, and so are Donations to the W3C validator program.

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