ISWC Workshop on Semantic Web Applications in Scientific Discourse

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The Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group has had a workshop accepted at ISWC 2009 on Semantic Web Applications in Scientific Discourse.

Scientific research is becoming both increasingly interdisciplinary, and dependent for dissemination on the Web. Yet the form of the discourse has remained for the most part, a digital analog of the paper research article. This situation persists despite the emergence of Web 2.0 paradigms (blogs, wikis, online communities), application of Semantic Web technologies to problems in biomedicine, and the introduction of virtual research environments in certain areas. We will bring together experts in semantic technology, scientific informatics, virtual research environments, Web communities and scientific publishing to contribute to the development of new thinking on how scientific research can be communicated, characterized, annotated, searched and shared on the Web.

Details about the workshop including logistics, the deadline for paper submissions, and program committee members are available on the Web site for the workshop.

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