First Ever Developer Gathering during W3C Technical Plenary Week

Each year about 300 people who participate in various W3C groups meet face-to-face to exchange ideas, resolve technology issues, and socialize. We call this the W3C Technical Plenary (TPAC) Week, and it’s my favorite set of W3C meetings. I enjoy reconnecting with colleagues, hearing news, playing music with them at the nearest piano, and chatting at dinners and hotel bars. This year we meet in Santa Clara, California, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to meet with local developers.

The result is our first ever Developer Gathering, to be held the afternoon of Thursday, 5 November. The gathering is open to the public though we have in mind in particular the local developers and Web designers who are not the usual participants in W3C work. We are planning a series of speakers to share the latest news about CSS, APIs, some new ideas about browser test suites, and more. The speakers will then take participant feedback back to their groups. Arun Ranganathan (Mozilla), Fantasai, and Philippe Le H├ęgaret have already confirmed that they will be speaking. We will announce other speakers as they commit. In addition, the HTML Working Group will be meeting at the same time, so lunch, breaks, and the hotel bar will offer more opportunities to network with your colleagues.

The Developer Gathering home has more information about registration (including the $75 registration fee, which covers food, wifi, and other meeting costs). Space is limited to 100 participants, so it’s first registered, first served.

We look forward to seeing you in November.

2 thoughts on “First Ever Developer Gathering during W3C Technical Plenary Week

  1. i think this will be a great gathering to be. just wanted to check if you would cover the details of the gathering and have it online.

    1. Yes, we plan to have an IRC channel available and to use microblogging as well. (See the meeting page for details).

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